I am a painter in acrylics in the Plein Air tradition of painting.  This is my practice.   I have been painting for 15 years.                                Painting from observation.

I work on site recording the environment. Working directly on the canvas or board prepared in advance with a portable pallet and working with as much speed as possible to catch the natural lighting at that particular time and location. (though this may be hours)

Many times the car serves as a studio where painting occurs, or looking out a window, or standing or sitting outside in nature.                  Outside in nature is excellent. 

“A plein air painter’s first rule (and there are not many) is prepare yourself. You will be too involved to notice if you are too hot or too cold.  You may remain still for hours. You are exposed to all the elements and weather changes during that time. You may need gloves, windbreakers, hats, umbrellas for sun or rain. You have to take care.”

Once this is resolved, the painting process can begin. It is about the paint and the act of painting, and a painting comes of it.                         An act of creation           

 I have been studying color theory as presented by Miguel Chevreul and others colorists for 15 years also. Learning how colors interact with each other and with the eye.  Always more to learn, but a lot is now resourced in my head. A reference. This provides a resource which can be drawn on to enhance the painting. Know the  colors, Know the paints. Know your brushes. Have lots of white handy.

                                                                                          This is the practice. 

A deep meditation ,     in another zone,     entranced in the act of painting,       creating.

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