El Pipila, a Mexican hero
In 1810, the Mexicans began rising up against the Spanish governing power. In the city of Guanajuato, the Spaniards barricaded themselves in the Alhondiga, (a granary with high wall of stone , no windows and only a wooden door for entrance). This fortress was secure, muskets kept the Mexicans at bay and the revolutionaries could gain not gain access.
El Pipila, Juan José de los Reyes Martínez Amaro, one of the insurgents, tied a huge flagstone to his back for protection and carrying tar and a torch crawled to the door and set it aflame, giving the people entrance, followed by a victory for the Mexican people.
Some reports say, El Pipila died that day and others say he lived on to a ripe old age. Indeed he yet lives on in the history of Mexico. This statue stands above the city of Guanajuato Mexico in his honor.

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